Web Design

Please note: I am transitioning my business to doug-arnold.com You may still fill out the forms here if you wish to have a website designed or redesigned.

When your company needs the creativity of a graphic designer with the skill set of a digital asset creator or web developer, please consider me for your next project.  ¶  I have worked with agencies who have had large corporate accounts that are highly visible — such as Dunkin’ Donuts, the Boston Globe, Fidelity Investments and more. What I offer you are the skills of someone having worked alongside creative directors developing brand standards — CVS and Thermo Electron are two good examples of that in my production portfolio.  ¶  I oversee website development/design projects from start to finish integrating mixed media into the functionality of websites. The WordPress Content Management System (CMS) is my choice for ease of editing, uploading and managing visual assets. ManageWP has been my choice for managing multiple WordPress installations; it makes it easy to update plugins as a group or individually for clients.

I design and convert mockups into web pages and am always actively learning new web technologies to keep up with the ever-evolving web. 

“Don’t Make Me Think” is my credo when it comes to web design. Like over 300,000 people who have read Steve Krug’s book, I find the topic of web usability critically important. No one wants to waste time on the web — especially people who have a lot to do.

Website Development and Design

On Web Usability*

If your business could benefit from the combination of a well-designed, easy-to-edit and effective search engine optimized site, please contact me today. All companies large and small are worthy of a business relationship that is dedicated to sincerely communicating what it is you need to say using your brand identity and standards.

* (Thank you, Steve.)